Wabichakai tea ceremony
Here, you’ll discover a side of Kyoto that cannot normally be seen.
Wabichakai tea ceremony

Briefly experience the spirit of Kyoto, which is both profound and graceful.

Kyoto is home not only to visible beauty such as Buddhist statues and traditional crafts but also aspects of a rich spiritual culture including both Japanese hospitality and thoughtfulness. A “Wabichakai tea ceremony” is your chance to briefly and actively enjoy the essence of such culture with all five of your senses.

Visit the meditation room known as the tea-ceremony room.

Wabi-cha, which incorporates the “wabi-sabi” Japanese aesthetic of beauty, has long been a place of meditation. The pleasantness of being able to accept who you really are in a place isolated from the everyday world is a feeling quite unique to the tea-ceremony room.

Relax at a tea ceremony not constrained by the usual etiquette.

This world is a quiet one, where the light flickers and all that can be heard is the faint sound of the water boiling in the kettle. A Wabichakai tea ceremony offers the opportunity to briefly experience the spirit of Kyoto through meditation, sophisticated Kyo-kaiseki, a traditional Japanese seasonal cuisine, and the serving of tea. There’s no need for difficult rules of etiquette here. Simply relax and enjoy yourself.